Bankruptcy Restoration


When You File Bankruptcy

  • There is a cost to file it is not free..
  • They will not try to negotiate your debts.
  • They will not clear old debt from the bureau.
  • They take the total amount owed within the bankruptcy. 
  • It takes years before it can be removed from your credit bureau.
  • There are many government debts that are exempt from bankruptcy.

Restoring your credit

  • Trustees do not clean up your credit.
  • Balances showing on your credit affects your credit and your score.
  • Trustees often do not check for accuracy in what debts are listed within the bankruptcy.
  • The wording on your credit bureau and balances shown matter and they affect your score.
  • When you can qualify for new credit.


What we will do

  • Review your credit bureau.

  • Clean up the negative reporting and comments.

  • Remove balances and ensure what is reported is accurate.

  • Develop a plan of action to rebuild your credit.

  • Discuss the best type of credit to apply for and when .

  • Develop a budget plan.

  • Discuss emotionally based spending.

  • Go over credit and how it will work best for you going forward.

  • How best to pay for your new credit.

  • Credit limits and to stay within your limits.

  • Take action to get you the credit you are looking for.

  • Walk you thru the credit applications for your new credit.

Our Goal

  • To create a new you.

  • To help you understand your credit spending habits.

  • To put you into the credit that will work best for you and your credit score.

  • To  help get you approved for new credit.

  • To help you achieve your dreams and credit goals.



Before you decide to file for OPD, credit counseling, 
Consumer proposals, debt relief or bankruptcy.  They all impact your credit.
Recently Discharged? Looking to clean up your Credit? Want New Credit?
If you are discharged, and looking to clean your credit up and get new credit.