5 Points You Need To Know



The amount of times that you pay your mortgage per month can take years off your mortgage loan



A variable interest rate can save you thousands of dollars and It can be locked in at the best rate at any time.


Can you pay lump sum payment on your mortgage at any time? It matters.


How much you put down on a house matters.


There are many costs associated to buying a house. Are you prepared and aware of them all?



What we will do for you

  • Review your credit bureau.
  • Develop a plan of action to address concerns with your credit
  • Tell you what financers and brokers look for to get you approved.
  • Discuss the amount of down payment needed to qualify for a mortgage.
  • Canada Mortgage and Housing - who they are.
  • Go over the all costs associated with a purchase of a home.
  • Discuss mortgages- the different types.
  • Show you how to qualify.
  • How to manage your mortgage payments.
  • How to pay your mortgage off quickly and effectively.
  • Walk thru the pre- application.
  • Align you with an agent to get that perfect home.
  • Refer you to the broker that will work with you and for you.
  • Refer you to a real estate lawyer to register your home or discharge it.
  • Align you with a Insurance Agent to insure your home.

Our goal

  • To get you pre-qualified.
  • To educate you on the dos and don’ts when buying a home.
  • To help you get best rate.
  • To get you into a home you can afford
  • To a line you with a team of professionals that are ready to work for you.





Looking to buy a home, don't know where to start?